Tongyi Shares

       Shenzhen Tong Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. is engaged in chemical and electronic materials applications professional services pioneer, so far has more than 10 years of experience. Since its inception in 2002, has developed a wholly owned subsidiary of five, the scope of business radiation around the world. And on August 26, 2016 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, stock code: 300538
  With the excellent technical service capabilities, supply chain management capabilities, information processing capacity of the three, integration from China, Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Japan and other top 500 world chemical industry quality resources to meet customer quality, Cost and innovation needs. At the same time, the company adopted the management of the industry's leading advanced management tools, the establishment of an advanced strategic management system to achieve rapid positioning, rapid response, rapid solution to the goal, to help customers achieve maximum value.
  With the technical support, industrial chain information processing, inventory collaborative management and other core competencies, the company in the mobile terminal, home appliances, LED lighting, solar and other market segments formed a unique competitive advantage, now has a number of Industry influence of the customer brand, such as Huawei, millet, ZTE, backgammon, TCL, Meizu, Cool and so on.
  For more than a decade, Tong Yi has received more than 60 awards from government, industry associations, suppliers and customers, and has been actively engaged in social welfare activities. Tongxin Tongde, the new benefits, with the benefits will, as always, committed to the excellent manufacturers to provide excellent application services, and customers work together to create value, beyond the self.



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